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What makes Your English Summer special...?

What makes Your English Summer special...?

Thursday 1st March 2018
Raphael Miller

Having worked in so many summer schools, and now that I run one myself, I can see what an amazing environment they offer for students to improve their English, and as I am a linguist myself I only wish I had known about them when I was a kid! So, what makes a school like Your English Summer so special? Let's start with the location...

The city where a summer school takes place is obviously vital which is exactly why we chose the lively, international and welcoming city of Liverpool. Having celebrated being European capital of culture in 2008, Liverpool is planning big celebrations for the 10-year anniversary and Your English Summer fully intends to be right at the heart of them all summer long, visiting the city and the surrounding area on our excursions every week.

The advantages of our location don't stop there. Everyone knows that spending time in a country gives you a much better chance of learning the language more quickly. So, while going to language classes is good, actually living in the immersive environment of a summer school and spending all your time with native staff and students from other countries is even better. No matter whether you're doing activities or having lunch with your new friends for instance, your communication skills are constantly and quickly improving, you probably won't even realise just how much at first!

Speaking of language skills, let's talk about English classes... We all remember our favourite teacher and the way their classes were always just a lot more engaging and fun, well that is exactly the sort of experience we want to create for our summer students. We don't see the point in students flying half way around the world to sit and write out grammar rules, when they could be doing that at home! Instead our classes are based on activities and a variety of interactive tasks with students able to move about, use technology, talk to each other and develop their confidence.

So, it's clear to see that summer schools offer a different and really effective approach to language learning, and in the case of Your English Summer, this is combined with a superb site offering fantastic, modern facilities and accommodation as well as an incredible host city full of culture, tourist attractions and exciting events... interested? We'll see you soon!