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Visit to The Granta Academy - Cambridge

Visit to The Granta Academy - Cambridge

Thursday 10th January 2019
Raphael Miller

A really great part of creating the best possible summer school experience is visiting colleagues, whether they're based in the UK or abroad, as stepping into their environment is always super inspiring and the ideal way to share resources and tips. Every site, location and programme is a little different so seeing the way other schools approach their courses and host students is a fantastic opportunity and that's exactly what we did yesterday in Cambridge at The Granta Academy.

As it delivers courses with university preparation in mind, The Granta Academy is for older students than those we host at Your English Summer (their age group being 17-18). Anyone taking part in one of their courses will have the chance to focus on their study skills and take a specialist course in a STEM subject or topic like business studies. This makes it quite different from what we do at Your English Summer, but seeing their setup offered a really interesting alternative perspective and gave us plenty of ideas!

What's more, Cambridge is a much smaller city than Liverpool, but it has its own traditions and special varsity atmosphere which creates a totally different feel and makes it well suited to older students as they can wander around the town with ease.

Adam, from the Granta Academy, kindly took us on a whistle-stop tour visiting Robinson College, where all their classes will take place, the centre of Cambridge where we met the students enjoying the winter programme and the river where they set off on a punting tour!

Like Liverpool, Cambridge is obviously a world-renown city and we think it would be a fantastic place to continue your English language studies and consider your next academic options among some of the UK's most hard-working students! What an inspiration :-)