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Growth mindset at Your English Summer!

Growth mindset at Your English Summer!

Thursday 17th January 2019
Emma Lawrence

There's no doubt about it, travel broadens the mind, which is why not only will your child have an unforgettable experience at Your English Summer, filled with memories and long-lasting friendships, but they will return to you with a new perspective on their future. Read on to discover the key ways we support our students and help them adopt an all-important growth mindset 😊

Personal Development
Parents often tell us how surprised they are by the change they see in their children after summer school. There is certainly the academic side and a greater awareness of the doors that learning English can open, but also an overall change to maturity and social skills thanks to the way this experience strengthens independence and confidence. Being among new friends in a new environment is a great way for students to tap into and express their potential, so whether they're extremely outgoing, very reserved or somewhere in between, this is something we'll always recognise so that they feel supported, able to completely be themselves and shine in their own way. In fact, this is one of the things I enjoyed most about working at the summer school as students' personal growth really was amazing to see. Even in a 2-week stay, the students I met on day 1 were totally different from the ones who left us on day 14!

Cultural Knowledge
Whether it's your child's first time abroad, or they're already a seasoned traveller, spending time in Liverpool amongst fellow students from all over the world really is a valuable life experience. Not only will they discover one of the world's most iconic cities, its history and warm, friendly people but we find that everyone learns so much about other cultures (staff included!), such as the preferred foods in different countries (is it ok to eat pizza with ketchup or not?!) traditions, popular pastimes, famous people, music, dances... the list goes on! Being amongst a wide variety of nationalities, all speaking one common language is an amazing experience and of course means students come away with contacts and new friends from across the globe.

Language Skills
It may be obvious, but it could be awarded honourable first place. Your child's English will improve. Whether it's wider vocabulary, more familiarity with different accents and dialects or a clearer understanding of grammar, our carefully planned classes will support their progress and how they feel about English. As well as this greater confidence, our classes focus on communicative skills and fun as everyone knows that you learn more quickly when you're enjoying yourself. Furthermore, what makes Your English Summer even more special is that we integrate English native-speaker students into the programme, to create an even more immersive environment and give our students the chance to meet locals of their own age.

So there we have it! Three fantastic ways your child will develop and grow through experiencing an amazing programme with Your English Summer. Contact us for more information now - p.s. discounts are still available, but not for long! 😊