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Why Liverpool?

Why Liverpool?

Friday 3rd May 2019
Raphael Miller

Why Liverpool?

With so many possible UK destinations for your summer school experience, what makes Liverpool the best option out there...?

If you've ever visited Liverpool or met a scouser you'll know that it's a special place full of proud locals and distinctive character. In truth, writing this blog couldn't be easier because the city has so much to offer, the only challenge is fitting everything in or to knowing where to begin!

First things first, the highlights. Everyone knows that Liverpool is home to one of the biggest football clubs in the world (sorry not Everton) and gave the world some of its most important musical heroes, such as the Beatles. So, there's no doubt that Liverpool's influence can be felt right throughout the cultural and sporting worlds and all of this is championed in a city full of summer events, exhibitions and shows dedicated to a rich cultural past and present.

As well as buzzing local culture, visitors to Liverpool can expect a warm welcome from locals famous for their cheerful, hospitable ways. Don't be surprised if someone you've never met before greets you with an "alright la?" and starts chatting to you on the bus, in the street or anywhere else really, all the more opportunities to practice your English! One thing is for sure, you don't need Google maps in Liverpool, just ask anyone for directions, they'll not only tell you the way but probably take you there themselves! 😊

The city centre itself is perfect for visitors, it's absolutely chocka with attractions, pop-ups, shops, performers, famous sights and is ideal for exploring on foot. You can visit the largest Anglican cathedral in the world, get a spectacular 360° view of the city from its iconic riverfront Liver Building, take a ferry across the river Mersey, shop non-stop, enjoy a few local delicacies (anyone for scouse?) and even visit the beach and see Anthony Gormley's incredible installation Another Place.

So, with so much on offer in Liverpool, from the independent shops of Bold Street, Chinatown, The Royal Albert Dock, summer music festivals, the world-famous Tate Art Gallery and more parks, museums and cafes than you could ever visit in one trip, the only question you should be asking yourself is not "why should I choose Liverpool?" but instead "why haven't I chosen Liverpool yet?!"
We can't wait to welcome you and show you around, our city is boss!

Language check:

Ok, so you might have noticed some local Liverpool slang in this blog post, here's an explanation

a scouser = someone who is from Liverpool
Buzzing = exciting and full of energy can be used for a place or person, "I was buzzin' when I got to Liverpool!" 😊
alright la = hello there
chock = completely full (chock-a-block)
scouse = a traditional dish from Liverpool, essentially a meat & potato stew
boss = great, amazing, fantastic!

Now you're definitely ready for Liverpool!!