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Summer 2019 - week 2!

Summer 2019 - week 2!

Friday 26th July 2019
Raphael Miller

After a whirlwind week 1 full of four-legged visitors, trips to Liverpool and the beach, sports and fantastic English lessons we welcomed more students to our site from across Germany and Italy and prepared to get week 2 underway. The weather ahead was looking incredible so we planned even more outdoor adventures as our students met their new friends and got ready for an action-packed week!

Getting Crafty
In addition to all our sports options, such as dodgeball, football, tennis, badminton and volleyball, this year we introduced a whole host of crafts to offer our students a wider variety of choices and the chance to express their creative side! This week out students worked together to make almost everything from cupcakes to slime and even replicas of Liverpool's world-famous 3 Graces - the buildings which stand on the city's beautiful waterfront 😊

Alton Towers
When you have the UK's biggest and undoubtedly best theme park within easy reach no summer would be complete without a visit... So, on Monday morning we made our way to Alton Towers, which is absolutely packed full of amazing attractions and rides including some of the fastest and most stomach-churning rollercoasters out there. We were joined again by the kids from Positive Futures so that our students could spend the whole day with their local friends and practice even more natural English.

Class projects
All this week our students were preparing some amazing presentations of their home countries and towns to show each other. This sort of cultural exchange is a big part of what we do at Your English Summer, not only do we want our students to be immersed in an English-speaking environment but also to learn about culture and life in general in each other's countries, and given the huge variety of locations our students are from this is always a fascinating activity!

Liverpool part 2
We also returned to the city centre for the second part of the city-centre tour which this time included a trip along the river. The Mersey Ferry is a classic Liverpool attraction and gives you a unique view of the city's celebrated skyline. After their boat ride, students then made their way into the Museum of Liverpool which is full of incredible city artefacts and also home to a wonderful exhibition about one of the city's most famous couples, John and Yoko. After a quick sing-a-long in the museum's very own karaoke booth, our students headed along the waterfront to the stunning Royal Albert Dock which was once the source of the city's economic heart-beat and a cornerstone of the British Empire. Here students had the chance to explore the Maritime Museum and learn more about some of the glorious but also some of the more controversial aspects of Liverpool's history and the trade routes that came through the city.

Hot summer days
With the temperature climbing up into the 30s we decided to run some activities with a twist on Wednesday night and set our students some "aquatic" challenges. The first involved transporting various amounts of water from one end of the garden to another - all perilously balanced over head of course - and the another tested their problem-solving skills as they had to somehow unfold a frozen t-shirt! The motivation of being able to wear it to cool down once it was unfolded turned out to be pretty compelling! Water fights complete, we then enjoyed an incredible sunset with marshmallows toasted over the barbecue and even made a few s'mores (if you've never tried them - you must!!)

With quite a few students going home the following day ☹ on Thursday we fired up the disco lights, compiled the mother of all playlists, prepared a mini-mountain of snacks and chocolate and got ready for our summer disco! We welcomed our friends from Positive Futures once again and even put on a little talent show with Franziska treating us to a piano version of Penny Lane (what could be better just around the corner from the actual Penny Lane!?) and Natalia, Michal, Iza and Jula wowing everyone with a beautiful rendition of a traditional Polish song. After that, it was time to turn up the music as the dance floor disappeared under a frenzy of dance circles, shuffling and even a bit of the Macarena!

And with that 2 weeks was up and it was already time to wave farewell to some more of our students! It's always sad to say goodbye but it's always even more amazing to see all the new friendships that have formed and look back on a fantastic 2 weeks of fun 😊😊 - besides, we always prefer to say "see you later" rather than "goodbye" or hopefully even "see you next year!!"